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Oftalmogarden is a chaotic fast-paced third person shooter with rogue-like elements, set on a bizarre eyeball-populated planet. It is currently in development.

An Alpha Demo is available for free on Itch.io, just click the thumbnail!

The game is written in C# using Unity3D.

Solo project.

Hyper Hamster

Hyper Hamster

Hyper Hamster is a high-octane hamster runner featuring insane speed and a journey to freedom. Dodge obstacles, eat apples, and reach hyper velocity!

The game is written in C# using Unity3D and was developed in 72h (including assets) in collaboration with Mr. Hide as part of the Ludum Dare Game Jam 47.

Team project. Programming, game design, sound effects, music.



Gangbowl is a simple online brawler-soccer game that Brice Gilbert, Nek, and myself have been working on as a side project for the past few years. It is free access and fully playable, come join the fight!

The game is written in Typescript using PixiJS, Box2D, and Websocket.

Team project. Gameplay programming, game design.



Hellslinger is a fast-paced acrobatic top-down shooter. Sling yourself at breakneck speeds with right click and shoot cubic demons with left click. Look at shadows to find the light!

The game is written in C# using Unity3D and was developed in 48h (including assets) as part of the GMTK Game Jam 2020.

Solo project.


Mr. Fluff

Mr Fluff is a pet-care zombie survival game. Take care of your new friend Mr. Fluff by giving him food, water, and cuddles, but don't overdo it! Beware of zombies, you must defend Mr. Fluff at all costs.

The game is written in Javascript using PixiJS, and was developed in 48h (including assets) as part of the Ludum Dare Game Jam 46.

Solo project.



I am a full-time indie game developer currently working on several projects and building my livelihood.

My previous experiences include software development and project management. I am now focusing on game development and work on projects using Unity3D and web-based game engines.

As an indie game developer, I like to work in smaller teams or on solo projects. I feel the best when I can participate in several aspects of a game, including programming, game design, graphics, and sound.

My Skills

Programming - C#, Java, Typescript, Javascript

Game Design

Project Management

My Friends

Avatar Mr. Hide

Game development hobbyist and C++ expert. Check out his homemade games!

Avatar Yuan

Talented artist, character designer, and animator.

Avatar Nek

PHP and Symfony expert, web developer. Programmer for Gangbowl.

Avatar Brice Gilbert

Product designer and web designer. Lead designer for Gangbowl.